EEcoFlex™ – Recyclable PE fabric
UrbanStorm has been at the forefront of developing and using fully recyclable fabric.

EcoFlex offers a much more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and future-proof alternative to PVC.

EcoFlex is also twice as strong as PVC, but only 25% of the weight.

Printers worldwide are showing great interest in the switch from PVC to EcoFlex, and it is already in demand by a number of global brands.

See below for info for the debate on Global Warming and how EcoFlex can greatly reduce this effect…

* 0% Chlorine Free – Polyethylene
* 64% Less Global Warming Potential than PVC
* 61% Less Energy Demand than PVC
* 0% Phthalate content – Non Toxic
* CO2 Emissions 312 grams/sq metre
* EcoFlex™ exclusive to UrbanStorm Ltd – Europe
* EcoFlex™ is the future
* Fabric weight 120 grams/sq.metre
* 73% less carbon footprint on deliveries
* Stronger than PVC by 100%
* Easily recyclable full circle, locally

* Poly Vinyl Chloride = 57% chlorine by weight
* Global Warming Potential = 64% more than EcoFlex™
* Energy demand = 61% more than EcoFlex™
* Average Phthalate content = 37.2% – Very Toxic
* CO2 Emissions = 859.90 grams/sq.metre
* PVC available to market
* PVC banned from 2012 for the printing industry
* Fabric weight 450 grams/sq.metre
* Increased carbon footprint by 73% when compared to EcoFlex™
* Can only be reformed/recycled once

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