Key frame with stretchable textile substrate

The name key frame labels the recent innovations regarding the possibilities of applications for large format stretchers for indoor as well as outdoor use. The PVC- profile used to stick the poster into the frame makes sure that it is extremely tear-resistant and durable.This system stops the wind forces from penetrating the poster erratically through the eyes as it is the case with conventional frame systems. The key-frame system rather disperses the forces uniformly over the whole frame structure.

The “key”, i.e. the cover plate, is not only installed for aesthatical reasons, but also to prevent damages, to provide UV ray protection and to keep the poster in place. The combination of the PVC- profile and the key frame guarantees a slim and perfect implementation. The key-frame has an inconspicuous appearance and is visually appealing even when used in ultra large format. The frame can be powder coated in any RAL colour.

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