“ICHI BAN” is Japanese for  “Number One”. “ICHI BAN” is a consultancy agency for the production of poster formats and concepts for the advertising industry.

For a large group of clients, ICHI BAN is the experienced contact partner for its customers who are interested in printing products from the range of 1 m2 up to  the large thousands of square meters posters. The size is dependent on the customers exact requirements.The management has excellent project expertise and in depth technical know how which is based on 15 years experience. Therefore ICHI BAN is the ideal partner for any advertising or display projects.

ICHI BAN offers innovative solutions for the production of commercial advertising signs and other innovative systems, including displays in airports etc.

ICHI BAN is using environmentally friendly products, for example ecological polyethylene (PE).

ICHI BAN has a particularly large printing capacity due to their newest environmentally friendly printing machines that reduce any negative influences on the environment. ICHI BAN uses solvent free print colours. There are no dangerous gases or fumes created during the production process.

Business Concept

ICHI BAN is responsible to their customers from the initial planning stage up to the production and then to the installation and maintenance of the finished product. The business model is simple and very transparent for the partners. The production methods and production techniques are independent and guaranteed to provide an objective and cost effective solution to customer requirements.

We try to guarantee that our quotations for all requirements will be within 48 hours (2 working days).

ICHI BAN is always looking for new innovative products and processes for large application formats. They have already discovered some new and exciting  solutions to customer problems. We have printing material that cannot ignite and corresponds to the norm of DIN 4102 A2.  Our frame systems tighten the posters for equal tension over the whole area of the display and can be hung up without being specifcally made for any particular site.

Some of our products are shown on this internet page. Furthermore we would like to give you more advice on the product portfolio that we have shown. You are most welcome to phone us or contact us by e mail etc.