We deliver digital large format prints, frame systems and the technical solutions for all applications. ICHI BAN makes sure that their customers get the optimal products for each application. ICHI BAN is an expert partner for its customers. Our customers are:

Exhibition Builders
It is important to have frame systems for the installation of exhibition stands. They are easy to handle. They can be used repeatedly and therefore the durability of the systems reduces the direct costs. The prints we use are in accordance with the fire requirements of exhibition organisations.. Reflections are minimised. The prints used have to be of highest quality because of the relatively short period they are viewed.

Commercial Chains
Commercial chains use our product at their parking  and sales areas  to display illustrations of their products and special offers.  The prints are usually not used for more than typically 14 days. What is important here is the cost.  Frame systems that are installed outside have to have high durability. The change of display material  has to be simple and fast so that the employee of the commercial outlet can change or modify it on the site without additional costs, either direct, or indirect.

Train Stations
Safety first! On train stations safety has the first priority. Many train stations use for their advertising and display purposes our Class0 (DIN 4102 A2) material. This material is excellent for high quality printing and is not flamable. The frame systems have to guarantee a fast and easy change of display content and need very little maintenance.

Safety first! Also at airports safety is the first priority. More and more airports now use for their displays our Class Zero (DIN 4102 A2) material. This material is of excellent quality and is not flamable. The frame systems guarentee a fast and frequent change with minimal maintenance.

Shopping Centers
They use the frame systems in parking areas and around the whole shopping center area.The content is usually partly changed every six months. These long term advertisements require frame systems that offer an optimal long term physical tension for the posters that compensate for any big differences of climate and temperatures. We use frame systems with a tension control that allows for easy adjustment. The tension is therefore guaranteed for many months. For the interior we use non flamable Class Zero (DIN 4102 A2) prints which are frequently manufactured as ceilings. Self adhesive foils can be used as window stickers and are used as so called “Floor Grafix”.

Cinema Chains
In Germany we deliver the prints to cinemas every time they announce a new movie. The prints are produced using the highest quality materials even though they are usually not on display for more than 28 days. The printing material has to have genuine allround quality as the premises of cinemas can vary considerably. You should not notice any reflections because of the lighting and of course the material has to be non flamable.

Estate Agents
Office and industrial areas for rent” / this is the statement that we print most often. When we place the advertisements on the buildings we use “net fencing” and people can continue to work in their offices without loosing too much ambient light. The customer has a choice of  various “net fencing” materials with different strengths of stitching. We only use self adhesive foils for glass windows / up to 2000 m2 total for each facade. We have different qualities of self adhesive foils. This will depend on the total time of display predicted by the customer. Both applications are installed by our specialised technicians and we work, usually, from the roof area.

Property Agents
Construction signs can be up to a thousand square meters and more. Usually we install them in open and non built up plots in order to advertise the proposed building plans. It is most important that the signs are big, with high visible impact and cost effective.

Property Agents / Scaffolders
Property owners and scaffolders like to use their facade areas for advertisments when they build or renovate any property. If the property is in a good location, advertisments can generate considerable additional income every month. We plan and accompany all projects and find, if required, potential advertising customers.

External Advertising Companies
The frame systems we use normally have to be changed frequently and quickly and need the abolutely minimum maintenance. They should not attract vandalism. An important fact is that the frame systems can be changed by one person on the ground without using any glue or other materials. This is only done with our patented StormFlex System. The delivered prints consists of PE (polyethylene) and they are not toxic and may be recycled. Furthermore the material is four times lighter than normal PVC. It requires the minimum transport requirements and it is easy  to handle, the logistics are not complicated and it is good for the environment.

Boards Advertisments/ Sport Halls Advertisments
Easy handling, reusable and low transport weight are so important for the various applications. The prints are adpated to the systems that the customers are using. If there is no existing frame system, we will deliver the most cost effective solution available.

Hotels / Catering Business
It doesn’t matter whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, hotels or catering companies frequently change the decoration of their premises. We offer “frameless fixing systems”. The frame is nearly invisible and is made up according to the site requirements. The decorative motifs or information can be changed without any problems and reused if required  in the future.

The motifs can be used at different sites and can be reused again if necessary.

Events / Stage Background
The stage background needs to be non flamable. The spotlights should not cause any reflections. Therefore the material has to meet the highest standards evne if it is only used for the events a few times. One of the major advantages of the ICHI BAN solutions is a very short delivery time. Usually it only takes us up to 24 hours to produce reprints (3 working days max).

Car Trade / Removal Companies
We use our TruckFrame to install posters within minutes on a vehicle. TruckFrames are glued on and are easy to remove. Our customers use their vehicles to advertise with TruckFrame without any additional costs after the intitial purchase.