Key frame with stretchable textile substrate

The name key frame labels the recent innovations regarding the possibilities of applications for large format stretchers for indoor as well as outdoor use. The PVC- profile used to stick the poster into the frame makes sure that it is extremely tear-resistant and durable. Continue


<strong>Truck System</strong>
Your fleet covers many thousand kilometers each day to serve your customers. On motorways, rural roads, inner city areas and the actual point of sale truck advertising produces thousands of contacts. The truck advertising space usable, is many times larger and more impressive than any other outdoor standard format available.

<!–more–> If you are able to adjust your fleet to current advertising campaigns in a quick and uncomplicated manor, you have one of the largest advertising networks in Germany at your disposal. 

Our unique patented system is lightweight and easy to change. It is SUPER DRUM tight and can be applied to existing truck sides, without damaging trucks. This creates a marketing opportunity for brands without disruption of distribution to the fleet.
The Urban Storm truck system is the only one of its kind where both sides of the truck can be changed in less time than it takes to load the vehicle. This means there is no conflict between advertising requirements and delivery times.
The Truck Advertising System is COST EFFECTIVE and gives you MAXIMUM ADVERTISING EXPOSURE.

The frames are glued to the truck and can be removed easily after usage or at the end of the leasing cycle. Our system is fixed to the truck with glue only and not with screws or rivets, this means that the frame can be removed residue-free. Therefore no damage will be done to the truck!

Use your fleet to maximise your brand image and gain national coverage with your fleet communicating the message.

  • Add value to brand advertising campaigns
  • Raise brand profile & awareness
  • Utilise system for new promotions & product launches
  • Deliver message direct to target audience
  • One stop shop for your advertising and media needs

<strong>Technical Aspects</strong>

The system works using a lightweight, rigid aluminium frame, which applies tension to the display using a privotal point, similar to a fulcrum lever. The posters are retained in the frame using a specially adapted UrbanStorm Keder Strip, which is heat welded or stitched to the perimeter and is then slotted into the perimeter channel of the frame.


The Art Frame is ICHI BAN’s innovative presentations and stretcher frame system. The frame system consists of a frame construction made of high quality aluminum and an individually printed strechable textile poster. The flat rubber keder allows an absolutly wrinkle-free fitting to the frame.  Up to 36 sqm every format is possible.<!–more–>



Our innovative dry posting system for billboards creates a high definition product that can be changed quickly and efficiently by just one installer. We are using the latest environmentally friendly fabric – EcoFlex™, which is fully recyclable and gives great performance. Patent pending.

StormFlex™ delivers a higher yield per panel for the billboard contractor, simultaneously reducing outgoing costs, with health and safety in mind.

All of our waste is fully recycled.

The system has the following benefits

  • Installation of posters from ground level with posting pole, removing the need for ladders.
  • Only 1 installer required to fit posters.
  • Poster installation much quicker than wet-posting systems (half the time).
  • Tensioned poster is drum-tight – completely flat display.
  • EcoFlex™ posters are fully recyclable.
  • No need for specialist finishing of posters – reduced cost.
  • Much higher quality display – increased revenue from panel.
  • The only system fully engineered to meet European wind loading requirements (British wind code BS 6399-2:1997)

Other uses

Brands direct – owning & managing their own media networks on their own prominent locations, to publicise new promotions / product launches.

Our Storm Systems are super-quick to install, which lends themselves to situations where there is only a short window of opportunity for poster changes. The perfectly tensioned Urban Storm Systems require no maintenance as there are no fragile components.

The systems meet all the necessary European security requirements, and is the safest option when it comes to large-format advertising.

Working alongside some of the industry’s leading agencies – such as JCDecaux, CBS and many others – we are at the forefront of developing new forms of outdoor media campaigns.


EEcoFlex™ – Recyclable PE fabric
UrbanStorm has been at the forefront of developing and using fully recyclable fabric. Continue


For the Louis Vuitton project in Paris we used polystyrene elements to underline the tridimensional impression of of the wrapping.<!–more–>

The total costs of this project were approximately 1.000.000 Euros. The entire implemtation of the project from the idea to its completion took nearly 3 months.

Technical support

ICHI BAN supports its customers with full service solutions and offers a wide range of technical services. This includes, for example, the installation of posters, no matter, if on a scaffolding or in a steel rope frame with our climbing team. Our global network of experienced and qualified technicians is at your disposal to stage your advertising appearance in an optimal manner.<!–more–>

It doesn’t matter to us whether we install window foil, an ultra large poster or a frame system for you. For our customers we strive to make everything possible on any site, provided that the necessary permissions are on hand. If not so, we are happy to handle this matter for you.

PepsiCo renews motives on 400 frames systems

The Pepsi company renews the motives on 400 frame systems on their trucks. The produced and installed printings support the launch of a new product line of PepsiCo Spain.


JCDecaux switches to StormFlex frame system

JCDecaux, one of the leading outdoor advertisers, exchanges another 400 conventional paper advertising spaces to StromFlex systems. Thus continuing its quality improvement program.


Security lapse in London train stations eliminated

After the exposure of security lapses regarding conventional substrates, London train staitions switched to LED Lightboxes with EcoFlex “class0” material.